Individual A-La-Carte Services

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Do you have a specific need in your career search and would like a professional to take this off your plate?

Choose your requirement and leave the rest to us!

For more information on each of the services, see detailed descriptors on them below.


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USD $99.00



Resume Creation: ProFound Coach will fully prepare a chronological based resume for you that is market ready for you to apply on jobs. ProFound Coach will send an email to you upon purchase of the service providing you with details required to prepare your resume.

Cover Letter Creation: ProFound Coach will prepare one cover letter for a specific position with this cover letter being easily adaptable to other positions as needed.

Resume Update: ProFound Coach will update an existing resume that has been created by ProFound Coach previously.

Thank You Letter: ProFound Coach will create a thank you email, letter or note that can be sent out to employers post interview.

References: ProFound Coach will create your reference list document that will be provided to employers at their request.

Personal Biography: ProFound Coach will create a one page personal biography that summarizes your education, your career, your accomplishments and a few personal highlights. This biography can be used for speaking engagements, as an addition to your resume submission and many more applications not listed here.

LinkedIn Profile Creation: ProFound Coach will update your LinkedIn profile so it represents your career in the most professional manner allowing employers, recruiters and other business professionals to connect with you on this business networking platform. Recruiters and Employers use LinkedIn to source talent for their organizations making this one of the most important tools you can have to showcase your career and skill.