What is your cancellation & refund policy?

Online training course orders are NOT eligible for refund or cancellation. We MAY approve a refund/cancellation request provided the ProFound Coach subscriber meets the requirements of our Cancellation & Refund Policy.

How long do I have access to the online training programs?  

All online courses are accessible for 90-days from purchase. Should you want to extend your course access, you must re-purchase the course. 

What are the coaching-level services?

Coaching level services include videos and workbooks that take you through the same one-on-one coaching we offer to executives and professionals. One-on-one coaching can cost between $300-$600 an hour. With our coaching level services, you pay one flat fee to get access to the coaching tool sets we’ve developed over the last 20+ years to coach executives and professionals across the world in almost every industry.

What’s the difference between the Online Training courses, the Executive Services, and Individualized services?

The Online Training courses are ‘do it yourself’ training that is a complete, holistic package of videos and exercises that will get you aligned to the career or leadership opportunities you’re seeking. These are packaged for you to do at your own pace, from home, on the road, or anywhere. These tool sets are the same ones you might pay thousands of dollars for if you hired your own one-on-one coach. In addition, you have access to the Chat and Support services to ask questions along the way.

The Executive Services are “we do it all for you”.  This is for you, the executive, the leader and the individual who wants the experts at ProFound Coach to take the wheel to develop your brand image, resume, and to distribute your profile and resume to companies seeking your skills. This auto-pilot package means we take care of everything to develop the tools you need to position yourself in market, to create a compelling resume, and to distribute to companies looking for people like you, with your skill sets. Because this service is more hands on, it comes at a higher price point than ‘do it yourself’ services, yet still significantly less expensive than you’d pay for similar services not part of the ProFound Coach suite.

Our Individualized A-La Carte Services are for those who want to pick and choose what they need for their tools without the full coaching program to get you into market.


What can I expect from ProFound Coach as a member purchasing the Online Training, Executive or the Individualized services?

You can expect leading expertise that will coach and help you to get the career or leadership position you’re looking for. Your return on investment is knowledge, an increased network, and an ability to get into your dream career or business allowing you to achieve your goals faster with expert coaching rather than attempting to do it on your own. The value you receive is that you get into market more effectively and efficiently which surmounts the cost of the investment. We also expect ProFound Coach to help you develop life skills that will let you see your strengths and weaknesses in ways that will give you confidence, identify your personality and skills strengths, and motivate you to keep on track. We don’t guarantee results, because ProFound Coach is also about your willingness to learn, commit, and drive to your goals. What we can say is thousands of other people have benefited from ProFound Coaching tools, finding greater success in their career search, job fulfillment, leadership abilities and life skills. 

What if I have technical problems?

A ProFound Coach consultant is available to you through our Chat platform. If you have technical difficulties at any time, simply write us at support@profoundcoach.com. It is our intention is to respond within 24 hours of your email.