Payment/ Refund/Cancellation Policy

Payment will be made online at for all ProFound products including but not limited to, coaching services, individualized services, merchandise and any other services or products not hereby listed.

Online training courses are NOT eligible for refund or cancellation due to the proprietary nature of the course content. All online training courses purchased are given 90-day access to the course content. Should you want more time on the course, you will need to purchase again. 

One on One coaching is paid on a per session basis. Outstanding invoices must be fully paid prior to the next session. Should you need to cancel, it must be done with 24 hours notification to either your specific coach or through Should cancellation be within the 24-hour period, the session will be charged at posted rates on Refunds on completed one on one sessions will not be provided. 

Individualized Services are NOT eligible for refund or cancellation. Should you not be satisfied with your product, ProFound Coach will work with you until such time you are satisfied. 

Only valid payment methods acceptable to ProFound Coach may be used for orders and all refunds. Refunds will be credited back through the same manner.

Concerning any payments by credit card or electronic funds transfer, by submitting your order for processing, you authorize us to charge your order (including taxes, shipping, handling and any amounts agreed upon before order submission) to your credit card or account.

If your credit card or account cannot be verified, or is invalid, or is not otherwise acceptable, your order may be suspended or cancelled automatically.

All prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice.